Saturday, January 18, 2014

~ vintage photo Saturday...

~Circa 1972~  Afternoon ice skating at the War Memorial outdoor skating rink in Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island, NY.

Linda Karen_mycopy

From left to right:  Lauren, our friends Dawn + Karen, me.  From the looks of the scrunched up faces, it was a bright and sunny day. :-)  Anyone remember who took the photo?  You can see the shadow of the photographer at the bottom center of the photo.  I'm guessing the double breasted peacoat and fringed suede jackets were all the rage?

Am I the only one wearing a hand-me-down (itchy, scratchy wool) coat? See photo below!

~Circa 1967~  Easter Sunday  Photo taken in front of 50 Hatfield Place.  We definitely dressed up to go and eat Easter Sunday dinner at Nonna's house.  Does the tailfin of the car belong to daddy's 1957 pink chevy, or, grandpa's 1958 rambler?

Larry Dolores_mycopy

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  1. Wow, what a blast from the past! I still look like I'm 12 years old... Pre braces. Thanks for the memories.

    Delores and Larry, look dapper, as usual! My guess is the car is a Chevy. I don't think a rambler was a fin type car.

    KF (second from the right) !!


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