Monday, March 23, 2009

Catch of the day...

We have 2 cats in our family. For most of the day they sleep. They do, however, have a part of the day when they are active. Recently, during that part of the day they "hunt", or, I guess they think they are hunting. Their current "prey" comes from Sofia's collection of small dolls. Whatever they find and capture they leave at the bottom of the stairwell -- I assume for me to see. To date they have only captured one doll per day -- but today must be a good day as you can see -- their are 4 dolls for me to add to the pile I have set aside. Maybe, eventually, they will capture all of the little dolls roaming in the wilds of the basement so I can put them all away neatly. Note: Sadly, sometimes the dolls are wet from being drowned in the water bowl before they are delivered to me. However, today is a good day in this area also; none of the specimens seen in the picture have suffered this misfortune.

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