Tuesday, March 10, 2009

just checking in...

I am still in the whirlwind of activities for Sofia's birthday. Yesterday was her birthday party at school -- so, what took us almost a week of planning was over in 20 minutes -- but well worth the effort for the kids in her class. The birthday girl was not too happy about the weather that showed up for her special day, or, about her hair-do -- this explains the lack of the birthday girl picture. Side note: The trauma was done with by the time she reached the bus stop and out of camera range.

For the rest of the week I am busy preparing the house for some Saturday afternoon festivities. I will grab some pictures then.

Oh, and the picture of the bird in this post? I am dealing with a bird that wants to live in the air vent from our powder room. Ugh...this bird apparently had itself caught in their somehow yesterday -- so I had to listen to it whistling and scratching for a few hours which drove me nuts. We called 2 people about getting it out, and, someone finally did show up after I left for the school party. The bird was gone upon his inspection -- which I was thankful for. Then...this morning after the troops were out the door -- yup, you guessed it -- back again. I put the fan on that is connected to the air vent and it flew out. When I turned the fan off, it was back again. Fan on, bird gone. Fan off, bird returns. Fun... right?

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