Sunday, October 4, 2009

just when you think you're finished...

We got a red sticker during our final inspection for the pool last week. When I saw that, a million thoughts ran through my head -- all previously discussed with the powers that be. So, when I read the handwritten note on the sticker that gave the reason for the denial, I scratched my head. Our garage door leads into the part of the yard where the pool is located. According to our township code: 1) the door swing needs to open into the garage 2) the hinges need to be self closing 3) there must be a self closing latch on the door at least 54" from ground level. Of course, none of this applies to our current garage door -- and -- the powers that be forgot to mention this during the planning process. We scratched our heads a few more times and then Rick headed off to the local home improvement store for supplies. Within the next few hours, the door frame was turned around, the hinges replaced, and, the doorknob replaced. The hardest parts were accomplished -- so the master carpenter called it a day.

Today, the latch will be installed, and the project will be done.

I have been complaining about the functionality of this door since we moved here -- and I am very happy with the results of this unexpected project. I hope the inspector is happy too!

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