Thursday, October 1, 2009

yea! my day off...

Does anyone feel the same as me? September seemed as if it would never end. Now it's October 1st and I feel like I'm running behind. This is my to do list of things that I know of. If I write everything down, it won't seem as bad. I need to take a deeeeeep breath and organize...

make appt. for flu shots/take screaming children to get flu shots

halloween porch decorating

halloween costume making

orthodontist (today)

figure out what to make for tonight's dinner (so I can ignore grumbling kids and hubby while making it, after coming home from the orthodontist, today)

closet cleaning

laundry (today)

pumpkin picking

pay bills (today)

garden clean up for winter (end of month)

pool closing

garage door project (we just found out about this after the pool inspection yesterday)

attend christening party for family member

prepare outfits for kids to wear to christening party

make appt. for haircut/get haircut/color hair

parent teacher conferences

prepare outfits for kids school pictures

Okay, I feel a little better -- so for today, time to go do the things that are not on the list!

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