Friday, October 2, 2009

mom...I need pants...

Today was wear your favorite sports team shirt at Sofia's school. Last night she complained that she doesn't have a favorite sports team. Soooooo....Nicholas and I reminded her that she has soccer shirts from her own soccer teams, and, she also does gymnastics -- but we need to buy a new shirt for that. After deliberating (overnight of course), this morning she was fine with the green soccer team shirt. As we were dressing, she announced that she also has gym today. The weather has been warm enough to wear shorts on gym day, but today it is barely 50 degrees, so shorts are out. Jeans are not allowed for gym. So, we needed to find stretchy pants that match the green/black/white soccer shirt. Normally, I select the pants first on gym day -- and then find a shirt to match. But this morning was different, sigh... As Sofia complained, I tried to figure out why the black velour flare pants that were stuck in the back of my head were nowhere to be found in the pants section of the closet. Then, a little voice inside my head whispered... open the dresser drawer...what you seek will be found inside.

There they were! Along with 29 other pair of pants that do not fit her anymore. Me thinks it's time for a bit of drawer maintenance! Oh, don't be concerned -- there are about 10 pairs of pants hanging in the closet that fit her just right. :-)

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! Last week I cleaned out my closet and low and behold there was a nike shirt there with the tags still on that I had bought for son, Blake, two years ago! He really didn't see the humor since its way! to small now. I'm going to have to get better about this hiding presents thing.


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