Saturday, October 31, 2009

now, on with the story...

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The Nutcracker is so moved by the tears of Sleeping Beauty that he takes it upon himself to offer her a cool glass of water. He has no idea why he is doing this -- he is only a wooden holiday decoration, and, it is not part of the script. At the moment he hands the glass to her, their fingers touch -- their eyes meet -- and as if by magic (duh!) they fall in love.

The baby is lovingly adopted by The Nutcracker (who cannot have children of his own, but that's another story -- which I won't be telling here, or, for that matter ever!) The three are now united in goodness and off into the sunset they ride on their trusty steed, Donkey.

But wait! What about Jack? He agrees to take a job with a lower salary until the recession improves. He also agrees to pay overdue child support -- and -- most importantly -- he agrees to family counseling.

The evil spell has been broken -- and they all live happily ever after -- or -- until next halloween -- whichever comes first!



Hey,HEY... get that camera off of me -- I am not crying -- I have allergies...

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