Monday, March 1, 2010

you guys are so funny...

The last post has 4 comments -- that's a record for this blog! Just for that, I baked some muffins to share with you.

These are carrot spice muffins. I substituted silk plain soy creamer/vinegar for the buttermilk, and, i can't believe it's not butter for the butter. I know... you don't even like carrot spice muffins -- and that whole soy thing is not for you. That's not the point. No one here eats carrot spice muffins either -- or soy. These are for me. I made them so I can actually eat them. When I woke up this morning I was a little happy and a little sad that it is already March 1st. The troops are gone -- and I am alone after 4 days of being pushed and pulled out of my regular routine. The sun is shining, and I thought I should steal a little time and make these -- you know -- before I get back into my regular routine. It took thirty minutes from start to finish -- but I'm feeling relaxed, and happy.

This was a good Monday morning treat for me. Go grab your 30 minutes -- you deserve a treat too!

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