Saturday, March 13, 2010

expensive dollar store purchase...

For those of you who know us or frequent this blog, by now you know that Sofia is emotionally attached to her art supplies. Even at her young age, she has a true passion about art. Over time, she has collected many, many art supplies. She continues to surprise me whenever she expresses how strongly she "feels" about some of these supplies. A few months ago I purchased 2 sets of pencil erasers at the dollar store for her. I just thought they were cute and girly -- she was thrilled with them!

Here is a picture of Sofia holding a set of them. There are 5 small pencil erasers - each attached to a small piece of hard plastic tubing -- they are stored inside the plastic tube container that she is kissing.

Here is where they ended up...

pencil erasers -- $1.00
1st vet bill -- $423.00
2nd vet bill -- $801.00
total cost -- $1225.00 + 2 weeks of physical agony for the puppy and emotional torture for us.

Note: This emotional torture was not shared by the cats, who, for whatever reason think it is okay to encroach upon the dog's territory while he is not feeling well. The encroachment includes drinking from his water dish, eating from his food dish, and, playing in his area. Once he is feeling like himself again, I think I will be letting him loose upon the unsympathetic trespassers. Should I warn their menacing little minds that payback time is approaching?

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  1. wow! You have an expensive doggy there! This reminds me of when my sister's dog "Sophie Marie" ate lead solder at Christmas time about 4 years ago. She is lucky to be alive after eating lead. Needless to say there was a large vet's bill attached to the incident.

    Karen F.


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