Saturday, March 20, 2010

the gate is open...

This is not a treat for us. For those of you who have not visited our home (and have not dealt with the gates) let me explain. We have a totally open floorplan. I have complained about this since we chose this style for our home. It is necessary for us to limit the puppy to an area so that the piles of stuff that fall off the kids (and the hubby) when they enter the house does not get eaten by the dog. It is not my job to stand at the doorway and collect fallout -- and it is not my 24 hour job to monitor the dog. The solution has been to install huge gates. The gates limit the dog to the kitchen and family room. Whenever he hears a gate open, and then doesn't hear the gate close, he makes a mad dash for it -- hoping that he will be able to run into the rooms that are normally off limits to him. After living here for 3 years he still does this.

Hopefully he will be home soon, and I will have to close the gates again.

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