Thursday, March 18, 2010

goal for the day...


So, I compromised (with myself) about the carpeting in the family room. I know that I really want the wood floor with an area rug -- but -- the wall to wall carpeting installation would be so easy right now while we are working on the basement. I decided that since the existing carpeting doesn't have any stains -- I could be content with a good cleaning -- and since the other carpets need a good cleaning too -- well -- that would justify a new carpet machine purchase. So, all by myself -- I went to the store -- bought it -- brought it home -- took it out of the box -- put it together -- and cleaned the carpet. I feel empowered! It has attachments for the couch also -- so watch out -- the windows are open and the dirt will be flying out of this house!

But, since it IS Thursday -- right now I am going to play for the rest of today. :-)

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