Thursday, March 4, 2010

look over there...

Now look real close...

...springtime is on its way! :-)

I have been looking for the sunshine all week long -- and today it found me! :-) I went on a field trip with Sofia and her 3rd grade class. I had a chance to ride on the school bus, and to meet Governor Christie. Since the weather had turned in our favor, we did some walking before going inside the State Capitol Building. Along the way, another mom chaperone pointed out the Farm Bureau building. We stopped for a minute and learned that there is a quilt made by the mother of Sofia's teacher displayed inside the building. This building was not a planned stop for us, but I wanted to know more. I found out that the mom chaperone frequents this building because she owns one of the larger working farms in our area. On the other hand, Sofia's teacher has not been in this building for quite some time. Her father was a member of the State Board of Agriculture, and, her mom took part in activities related to his position. Today is the 6 year anniversary of her mom's passing. I think it was kind of nice that we were able to share the moment with her.

We were also treated with an impromptu demonstration by the security operations dogs. The teacher of our companion class is married to a member of the State Capitol Security Operations Unit -- and he was on duty while we were there.

Yes, today the world was a small, friendly place...

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