Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today, "d" is for...


Puppy update -- while he has been sick, Tahu has not been "vocal" -- only since he returned from his tests last week have we heard even a small whimper from him.

For those of you who do not know him, he is a big dog, and, he has a big baritone bark. He actually has many different vocal sounds depending on what is going on.

Last night at dinner time, Rick put him next to his chair -- this is where Tahu normally stays during our dinnertime. Tahu LOVES bread, and Rick gives him small pieces as we are eating dinner. I know, this is bad training on Rick's part, but Rick deals with it, and Tahu does not bother anyone else. Anyhow -- since he has been sick, he really doesn't want the bread and didn't even want to join us during dinnertime. But, last night was different. As we were eating dinner, Tahu gave a loud bark! He wanted his bread! We all laughed, and then we each got up and gave him a "good boy" hug. Then we all sat down to continue dinner -- and -- he gave another loud bark for his bread again!

But wait...

In the morning, Tahu keeps me company in the kitchen while I make Sofia's lunch, etc. Then, when it is time for me to go upstairs and get Sofia ready for school, he moves to another spot. THIS morning, I thought he was comfortable, so I left him in the kitchen spot. As I was walking upstairs, I heard some noise going on in the kitchen area and I thought the cat was pushing something around the floor. I ran downstairs, because I didn't want Tahu to eat whatever it might be -- and to my surprise...

Tahu was STANDING in the spot where he usually stays while I am upstairs! All by himself, he had stood up and walked to where he wanted to be. He looked at me the same way a baby looks at you when he/she first stands -- you know, with that kind of amazed/happy/"not sure what this means" kind of look. As I watched, he lowered himself gently and went back to whatever he does while he is just relaxing.

I don't have a picture of these amazing feats -- but I am hoping you can imagine my excitement just the same.

One step at a time, puppy. One step at a time... :-)


  1. YEA FOR TAHU! Always like to hear good news. One step at a time! Hugs & kisses to all. Mom

  2. Wasn't sure of the dogs name but now I know, it's Tahu. I was a little concerned about him not feeling well. I am soooo happy to hear he is feeling better. That is great news! Was this all from eating those erasers??

    Karen F.

  3. The opinion of the vet is that the "eraser" issue is separate from this "inflammation" issue.


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