Monday, August 2, 2010

no fuss barbeque ribs...

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend. I can't believe it is August...already! July was packed with so many summer things for us -- it just flew by. This weekend we travelled along the slow path -- just hanging back and taking in the sights. No, we did not go anywhere -- we are saving our real travelling shoes for next weekend. As I sat on the front porch, the scent of grilled barbeque ribs wafted by -- but I felt too lazy to stand out back and grill some myself. So, instead I made them in the oven. You can tweak this recipe if you would rather be outside and cook them on the barbeque.

Here is my not so artsy recipe for you to copy:
*Remember to use caution when handling raw and partially cooked meat. I use 2 separate basting brushes -- one for when the meat is raw, and, the second for when the meat is partially cooked.

No Fuss Pork Babyback Ribs

1 rack of pork babyback ribs (I used Smithfield brand)
Barbeque sauce (use your favorite flavor)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Farenheit.
Fill bottom of broiler pan with water.

Using a very sharp knife, divide ribs.
Place ribs in a shallow dish and baste with barbeque sauce.
Place basted ribs on vented broiler pan top.
Lay a piece of aluminum foil over ribs.
Place entire broiler pan in oven.
Cook ribs for 25 minutes.
Remove ribs from oven.
Turn ribs over.
If necessary, baste ribs with additional barbeque sauce.
Replace foil on top of ribs.
Return ribs to oven and cook an additional 25 minutes.
Remove ribs from oven.
Check temperature of ribs with meat thermometer.
Temperature should be at least 190 degrees.

Place ribs on table and watch them disappear!

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