Thursday, August 26, 2010

such a beautiful day...

The "beautiful" began during the wee hours of the morning when Nicholas woke me up to tell me that he thought he heard Sofia sleepwalking. He couldn't get back to sleep because he thought she might have gone downstairs and turned on the stove or something. He finally decided to go downstairs and check out the situation for himself -- everything was good.

Right before sunrise, it was Sofia's turn to wake me up. She informed me that "the sun went supernova" and we were all going to die. I told her to go back to sleep...she did.

Rick overslept and had to hurry to get ready for work.

During breakfast time, I opened my refrigerator to find the liquid from a package of chicken (purchased yesterday) had dripped all over...sigh.

I went outside to assess the garden -- since I haven't been out there during the 2 days of rainy weather. I found a small, dead, rodent looking thing that smelled awful, and, a mushy oval white thing that looked like some kind of egg.

I also found these...

They look like fingers -- I'm just happy they don't look like hands!

Now I'm off to sweep a bunch of dead ladybugs off the porch. Perhaps the rest of the day can be a bit less "beautiful". Sigh...

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