Monday, August 16, 2010

off the charts...

That went fast... right?

Today I am six months + 1 week. At my last vet checkup (about a week or so ago), I weighed 60 pounds. Look at me -- I'm almost as tall as Sofia! I know some neat tricks -- but I only do them after dinner -- and only if you are waving a piece of bread in front of me. I know how to: "give paw", "give other paw", "sit"(this is an old trick but worth mentioning), "lay down", and...drumroll please..."ROLL OVER"! Hooray for me! My mom told me that she will teach me more tricks when Nicky and Sofia go back to school. I get lots of attention while they're in school. Shhhh! Don't tell them! :-)

Hey, if you want to see my other "growth chart" posts, just click on the label link beneath this post.

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