Monday, August 30, 2010

hey, how did that happen...

Where we left off:

So, Rick came back with the tool rental yesterday only to find that he had the wrong "bits". A few expletives later he was on his way back to Home Depot to exchange them. Delays...delays...

He gets back and immediately starts removing the asbestos asphalt edging.

Looks easier than a hammer and chisel, right? :-)

Twenty minutes later...and it's ready to shovel into the bucket. By this time the sun is blasting on the driveway -- so that's all for the day.

Today...there was a cool breeze and shade. Ahhh...perfect weather to work out in the yard. I decided to do some yard work to keep him company while he prepared the pavers...

Spread out the aggregate...

and...while I was off weeding in the front yard this happened!

Now we just need to tidy up at bit and put this project to rest until next spring. You're probably scratching your head because it looks like it's finished. Nope. Not yet. We need some landscape lighting, plants, etc. You know...the fun stuff!

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