Sunday, August 29, 2010

okay, I give in...

Yesterday afternoon we needed to make a run to our local Home Depot for some necessary paver related supplies. While we were there, I needed to pick up a can of "white" paint for this project -- you guessed's still not finished. I know that perhaps some of you don't want to bother yourself about white paint, but, I am one of those people who stresses over it just as much as any other color paint. Before purchasing just any can of white paint, I needed to take a look at the available color chips. So, now that I have gotten over being mad at MS for switching her goods to HD from the competitor, I hopped on over to her paint chip display. Do you see the size of these babies? They are each almost big enough to hang as a wall display! Then, when you flip them over the coordinating ceiling color is on the top and the coordinating woodwork color is on the bottom. There is an area to write down the "room" you painted, what area in the room you painted, and, what paint finish you used. Then, to top it off, there is a little booklet that has chips with all the currently available colors. This is so nicely organized that I am going to make it a point to mark the chips in the booklet as I collect them.

{Shakes head and flutters eyelids} Oh, yes, I'm okay -- I just lost a bit of control there for a second with all that wonderful organizing chit-chat. {Deep breath} Okay, so I bought a small paint tester in the MS "tailor's chalk" shade of white, brought it home, and, (after finishing the last slurp of my dunkin' donuts coffee coolatta) put the first coat on the small wall leading into Nicholas' bedroom. When I was finished, Nicholas commented -- "Hey, THAT color white DOES look different than the other color white".

Guess Martha is the boss of my colors...again.

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