Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 day forecast...

This is what my little elf helper has been up to the past couple of days.  She set up a pretend department store.  I bring her the gifts to be wrapped, she rings them up on the Barbie cash register, and I pay in Barbie dollars.  There are "specials" that she announces with the microphone -- they include discount on wrapping charges and other random thoughts. She started this last year and has a bunch of fun with it.  I think it's great because it gives me a chance to organize -- instead of being in a frenzied state -- and I also get feedback on what is in the pile for each gift recipient.

She had early dismissal Monday and Tuesday -- and will have the same today and tomorrow.  Today, instead of coming home on the bus, I will pick her up and we will run over to the stores for some "almost" last minute things on the list -- then we'll hurry back home to do more wrapping.  We need to be done with most of the wrapping by Friday -- because then it's time for the baking and food preparations to begin.

I just love to see the twinkling in her eyes while we are preparing for the holiday events -- it gives me a huge boost of energy.  And, if that's not enough -- while I was taking this picture we had a bit of a snow squall outside.  It's gone now and the sun is out, but it gave me a bit of a zing -- fa, la, la!


  1. Okay, Linda, enough is enough, the poor elf really looks exhausted and it is nowhere near christmas. Look at her eyes and her hair, she looks like she is about to collapse. What a slave driver!!!!


  2. I think that the untidy appearance of the little elf in the picture is due to her dipping into the egg nog!!! I hadn't seen her in awhile and then she popped up this morning. My guess is she's been out having a bit of fun for herself...


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