Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hot commodity...

So, last night I was cheerily, happily, exhausted, but nonetheless hanging some decorations on the windows when I discovered that -- I am running out of tape!  Oh... no... how could that be?  I always have a backup -- because when I need to use it, that is when I immediately purchase more.  You know, kind of like the toilet paper buying routine.  Am I alone in this, or do you guys get that crimp in your neck too when your supplies are low?  Are you feeling my stress?  Apparently, little Missy S. has decided that my supplies are her supplies -- and she has been using my backups for her so-called "artistic expression".  Sob, sob...

So, today I am off to the store in search of my "favorite" brand of wrapping and mail packaging tapes.  I absolutely refuse to buy the cheap stuff -- that would make wrapping an absolute torturous nightmare -- why do they even sell that stuff?  So, maybe if you all gather into a circle and hold hands and make a wish that my search does not take me to the land of far, far, away -- 'cause I might just stay there and let those elves finish the decorating, wrapping, etc. etc.

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