Thursday, December 2, 2010

smile for the camera...

How about that crazy weather yesterday?  Of course, it had to happen on the day when I needed to drive all over the planet!  After waiting for a major line of thunderstorms to pass, I hopped in the car and drove 20 minutes south to pick up Nicholas at school.  We then headed up north to the orthodontist -- about a 40 minute drive from the school.  What was so important to make me drive in that weather yesterday?  It was because Nicholas was having his braces removed!  He was so excited about it, I couldn't even think about not taking him.    

He needs to wear upper and lower retainers for about a year -- and -- he was so funny talking to me in the car on the way home -- "practicing" his speech with them in his mouth.

Before I left the house, I told Ozzy that I would bring the sunshine home with me.  By the time Nicholas and I pulled the car in the driveway, this is what was waiting for us...

Pretty awesome... :-)

So that was yesterday's milestone.  I'm off to get ready for today...


  1. What a nice smile! It's very, very important to wear your retainers to keep your teeth in their new position, and... teeth have a 'memory' of where the used to be, so, you want to keep them where they are NOW with the help of the retainer.

    Karen aka, 'Your friendly dental hygienist'

  2. Thank you very much! We appreciate your professional advice. :-)


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