Thursday, December 23, 2010

oh, my achy bakey legs...

I spent about 3 hours baking today.  I was having such fun that I didn't realize how much time had gone by -- and then Sofia was home from school already.  I forgot that I promised her I would "buy" some gifts from her so she could continue wrapping -- but I was exhausted.  Since she is doing the wrapping in my bedroom, it gave me a chance to take a break -- so I went upstairs and sat laid down on the floor next to the gifts I was supposed to "purchase" from her.  What a sweetie she is -- when she saw how my legs were killing me, she went and got me some Tylenol, and then, she rubbed my ankles.  My spirits were lifted from her little display of affection -- and I was able to play her game and then go downstairs to make the little cookie bags in the picture.

Sofia's act of kindness was an early Christmas present -- the best I've had in a long time.  Guess Santa's been listening to me...  :-)

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