Saturday, December 4, 2010

elf saturday...

Boy, I was beat yesterday -- I had more stopping than going -- and -- I even took a little catnap (cat's included).  Today we are back to the holiday elf hustle and bustle.  What's going on in the picture?  Well, as you can see my darling little helpers are watching the lights stretch out (they have time for that).  Their job is to call Rick as soon as they think the lights are stretched enough to be strung outside.  It's pretty cold out there today, so, Rick put on his smarty elf hat and figured it would be better to stretch the lights indoors.

I need to put some ornaments on the dwarf xmas trees in the front of the house, and, cut out some gingerbread people.

Hey, just because we're busy here doesn't mean we don't have time to find out what you guys are up to!  Why don't you leave a comment and let us know what the elves are doing are your house today?  :-)


  1. Baking cookies here!

    Guesss Who!

  2. how absolutely adorable they are!!!!


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