Friday, December 10, 2010

pre-wrapping jitters...

Is it just me -- or does anyone else get an jittery adrenaline rush right before holiday gift wrapping?

Oh, right -- this picture.  Some of you might know what's up in this picture -- but for those who don't -- you know all those bags full of holiday "stuff" that get thrown in corner until you are "ready to get to it" -- well... that doesn't work for me.  I don't like looking at the bags and many times I have forgotten what's in the bags and bought doubles.  So, this is my attempt at organizing the "stuff" that I need to get to.  There's baking "stuff", candy to put out for company "stuff", art things I need to do "stuff", and, of course, a couple of pretty ladies to look at so the rest of the "stuff" doesn't look like a pile of, well... "stuff"!

Reminder:  Fourteen thirteen days to work on your own pile of "stuff"!  Better get going!

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