Thursday, January 27, 2011

After a stormy night, these guys were happy to see the sun come up.  Anyone else have the thunder and lightning while it was snowing?

It looks so peaceful...

...but treacherous!  I had to don my snowboots and tread lightly to capture these pictures before civilization awoke and ruined the artistry of mother nature.

And, it has been officially declared a snow day for the young ones!  For us old ones -- just another heap to shovel through...

Hmmm... anyone know what time Mr. President got home last night?   


  1. No, no thunder and lightening here last night, but, I awoke to a ton of snow. Ya know, Florida is starting to really appeal to me.

    Yes, it does look peaceful. How long did that last?


  2. I was happy I ran out there and took the pics when I did -- about 1/2 hour after this alot of people were already out there with their shovels...


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