Wednesday, January 26, 2011

no snow day for you...

Now, according to the weathermen, what we woke up to this morning is NOT the heavy snowfall.  The predicted snow accumulation during the daylight hours is less than 1".

I think I should send them this picture that I took about an hour ago...

 or, maybe send them this one that I took when I dropped Sofia off at school...

Nicholas has a half day today -- so at least I don't have to stress the whole day about him travelling on the bus.  Before he left for school this morning, I asked him to call me when he got there -- he hasn't called me yet -- when do you think that call will be coming through...?  (taps foot and sighs...) Right...  I know he is in high school, but did you see the clip on the news last night showing a school bus travelling across a road that had turned into a raging river from the torrential rains down south?  (taps foot a bit faster from stress buildup...)

Maybe the folks in charge know better than me -- but I think today would have been an excellent snow day.

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