Tuesday, January 18, 2011

take time to play...

Because of the weather, both Nicholas and Sofia had delayed school openings.  It was comforting having their company a little bit longer than usual this morning -- so I didn't have to focus on the crappydoodle weather outside...

After they were gone, I needed to find the "sunshine in the house" -- so I decided that today would be my "52 weeks of blythe" doll picture taking day.

It worked!  I am refocused and only have a couple of hours left until the troops return.  If you want to see my other "52 weeks of blythe" photos -- click here...

Hope you can find some time to play today too!  :-)


  1. Linda,

    After waiting for you to post a picture, I am now going to ask you, what happened to the Christmas Tree? I wanted to get a glimpse of the tree, but, nothing!!!


  2. Oh, no! Let me go look and see what I have. The Christmas tree photos usually don't come out so great -- the lights make the photos blurry, or, the tree looks dark if the lights are not on. A belated happy new year wish to you and yours!


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