Monday, January 24, 2011

Remember my list from Friday?  Well... the package was mailed and hopefully will arrive at it's destination today or tomorrow.  The Christmas decorations are slowly evolving into Valentine's Day decorations.  And...with the help of this tutorial, I finished the binding on my potholder!  The binding is not perfect, but, I understood the instructions in the tutorial, and I am eager to improve my technique.  I am showing the back of the potholder -- because that is where the binding is handstitched.  When I showed it to Rick, he wanted to know why I couldn't just use the sewing machine, and I explained that I am practicing my technique, so I can move on to bigger things -- like quilts!

Hope everyone is staying warm today.  It was 5 degrees Farenheit when we woke up this morning.  Ozzy didn't even complain when I cut his morning walk short by 15 minutes!


  1. Hi Linda,

    I like the potholder. I think it came out nice. Remember Lee from HS, she does quilting, which she learned from her aunt, beautifully, I might add. Also knits great. She made Tracy and I scarves several years ago, very stylish. I still wear mine, and Tracy's para from her school really liked the one that she wore, so I gave it to her.

    It was 6 degrees here when I awoke this a.m. Brrrrrr.... Stay toasty!!!!


  2. It was 3 degrees when we got up & we headed south! lol.



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