Sunday, July 12, 2009

another Pleasant Valley Sunday...maybe not...

Following the family gathering for Rick's birthday, we made it home without a trace of rain from our day trip to Pennsylvania. Thanks to everyone for making the day special.

But the laws of balance did prevail and during the night we got zonked with thunder, lightning, and rain. Oh my gosh -- I think we had our own private storm hovering right above our house. It takes alot for me to be responsive once I have fallen asleep, but there was one loud clap of thunder that made me jump about a foot out of bed. The lightning appeared to be right in the bedroom -- along with me, hubby, and Sofia -- who ran into the room at the first rumblings. I don't know how long it took to pass because I struggled with Sofia's tossing and turning for a bit and then finally turned so my head was at the foot of the bed and fell asleep.

As expected, Sofia was up at the crack of dawn -- doing whatever she needs to wake up so early to do -- and that was okay until she was persistent in waking me up to announce that there was a frog swimming in the pool. She pulled me out of bed and walked me over to the window to see -- and, yes, there THEY were -- TWO frogs happily swimming around.

Since hubby is still in counseling because of his frog in the skimmer episode, downstairs I went with Sofia -- out the back door and into the garage for the pool net. But, the garage door was locked because I was the first one out. Still groggy, I tell Sofia to go around to the front door of the garage and open that door with the remote keypad. Within two seconds she is running for her life back to me -- her eyes bugging out of the sockets and screaming with that actual fear sound (horrible sound). I'm looking at her thinking that maybe she got stung by a bee. She keeps pointing at the driveway and screaming -- "THIS IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE" -- because this was sitting on Rick's car:

Are you laughing as loud as me?

Have a great Sunday...

P.S. -
When we escorted the frog's out we asked them not to return – they do not have a membership. We heard them mumbling something about taking us to court, but I don’t think they have a case, do you? Yes, I know, the pool is a little dirty from last night’s thunderstorm -- the concrete guy doesn’t come to put the decking in until Thursday.

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