Wednesday, July 29, 2009

what we do when it's really HOT outside...

We bake, of course! Every year I get the urge to bake at this part of the summer. This year, I am starting with a couple of peach cobbler recipes. Our local supermarket was selling these awesome, HUGE, perfectly ripe peaches for 99 cents/lb. They were so beautiful, and, so plentiful, that I was totally inspired. Growing up, we had a peach tree in our yard -- so this brings back some nice memories for me too. Of course, I didn't have my "little helper" back then -- so I got things done a bit quicker -- wink, wink! But, today's baking was just as much fun, and the results are looking good -- so far. We haven't tasted either recipe yet -- so I will update later on in the day when we do. UPDATE 1:12 p.m. -- there is no choice between these recipes -- either one is absolutely fantastic. Don't walk, RUN and get some big, ripe, juicy peaches and make either recipe today! We are definitely going to add the homemade vanilla ice cream later, for dessert -- if we don't eat it for an afternoon snack before that!

The recipe on the left is from Martha Stewart. The recipe on the right is from Erin's house on hill road blog (minus the pie crust).


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