Wednesday, July 8, 2009

phase 2...

Or, according to Sofia, step 2! Same concept, different perspective. At least she's moving along with me. The plan is flowing, and, at the same time exhausting me. That's okay, it is a physical exhaustion (not mental), so I am sleeping well at night.

I am trying to find a good time to vacuum the pool. The sun is blazing down on the pool most of the day -- so by the time I am finished vacuuming the pool, I have had enough sun for the day, and, I am practically blind. Yesterday, I thought I was so smart when I vacuumed the pool in the morning, in the shadiness, before the sun came over the peak of the roof on our neighbor's garage. But, old mother nature decided that she would throw the dirt right back in the pool during the afternoon -- in a brief thundering torrential downpour.

And, guess what appeared right after that? No, not another rainbow --

THESE! :-)

Okay, that makes up for a little bit of dirt in the pool!

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