Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A frog went a courtin' and other summer stuff...

The building inspector came this morning. He knocked on the door, because he wanted to tell me that the electrical inspector would be here today. I thought that was odd -- but it was okay because he was in a talkative mood. I asked him if he had any advice on how to keep the frogs out of the pool -- and he corrected me, explaining that they are toads -- commented that we are the only pool in this area, and chuckled that he did not have a solution. Then we chatted a bit about the wildlife over in the conservation area. He also mentioned that sometimes the baby bunnies somehow get themselves caught in the pool skimmer -- so I will remember that and check ours before turning on the filter. The electrical inspector did show up -- at about 3 p.m. So now we're all set for the concrete guy -- hopefully he got our phone message and will just show up to do his job tomorrow.

Here is a nice picture to commemorate "our father's birthday":

These are the sunflowers that planted themselves out by the tree on the curb. There are 7 of them growing quite nicely. The peppers and tomatoes I just picked from the garden and will be used for tonight's dinner.

Don't forget to sing Happy Birthday at sunset! :-)

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