Sunday, July 5, 2009

happy 4th!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy day! We had a relaxing kind of day, and kept ourselves from being bored with little things to do here and there. We rode up to the pool place, got a quick lesson in pool chemistry and brought home some maintenance equipment -- so the dirt clump is now out of the bottom of the pool. The puppy was not himself all day -- leg problems -- and he milked that through until dinner time. We missed the annual fireworks at the park -- this year they were scheduled for July 2 -- which we did not know until July 3. Courtesy of Nicholas' friend, we found a last minute fireworks extravaganza about a 20 minute drive from us, but when we discovered that it involved a shuttle bus, it got voted down 3:1. We ended up just enjoying the fireworks around the neighborhood, and, as an extra attraction, that glorious sunset you can see in my new header!

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