Monday, January 25, 2010


...that's what's for dinner!

I recently found 85% angus beef chopmeat in our local supermarket. I am quite happy at the quality and freshness of this chopmeat and recommend it. I make tomato sauce twice a week, and have tried many different types of chopmeat from different supermarkets. I even considered purchasing a meat grinder because I was not satisfied with the taste of the meatballs. But, do I really need one more thing to do when preparing daily dinner? No. Maybe someday I'll get really picky and do it -- but not this week. The meatballs in the picture are not cooked -- I wanted to show the pretty color of the meat to you. This type of chopmeat is a bit more costly than the regular kind ($4.50 per pound), but, I can get 2 meals for 4 people out of 1 1/2 pounds -- so it averages out to about $3.50 per meal or 88 cents each. In my opinion, that is a good deal.


  1. FYI

    Why don't you try organic beef if you're going to pay that much a pound? Organic tastes great... big difference

  2. I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for the suggestion.


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