Thursday, January 28, 2010

i thought i fit in...

...but that New York (pronounced yahwk) speech impediment keeps giving me away. Yesterday, I spoke to one of Sofia's religion instructors on the phone. As I was speaking to her (pronounced heuh) she commented that I sounded just like Sofia when I said my "R's" (pronounced awhz).* Waaaaaaah! :-(

She doesn't know that I've been "wohrking" on that darn speech impediment since we moved "heah" three "yeahz" ago. I mentioned to "heuh" that when we "fuhst" moved "heah" Sofia's "fuhst" grade "teecha" recommended speech "thehrahpee" for Sofia. During the meeting with this "teecha" and the speech "thehrahpist" the "teecha" mentioned that Sofia did not enunciate her "ahhhz" correctly. I "tuhrnd" to the "teecha" and said to "heuh" -- "that is just "heuh" New Yahwk accent." The "teecha" shook her head and just "staahd" at me. On the "uhtha" hand, the speech "thehrahpist" laughed and said -- "I don't know how much I can do about the "r" problem, but, we'll work on it along with whatever else I find."

So "uhthahz" do not "suffah unnecessaaruhlee", maybe this important linguistic "fawhm" should be added to the "dicshunaaree"...


Guess it's time for me to go practice in front of the "meahrer" for awhile...

Translation table

wohrking = working
heah = here
yeahz = years
heuh = her
fuhst = first
teecha = teacher
thehrahpist = therapist
ahhhz = r's
tuhrnd = turned
staahd = stared
uhtha = other
uhthahz = others
suffah = suffer
unnecessaaruhlee = unnecessarily
fawhm = form
dicshunaahree = dictionary
meahrer = mirror

Uhtha word translations that may be of intuhrest to you...

intuhrest = interest
soder = soda
eurl = oil
turlit = toilet
turdee turd = thirty third
fuhgeddabahwddit = forget about it

*F.Y.I. The entire telephone conversation was accompanied by associated hand gestures. These hand gestures will distinguish the genuine SI, NY dialect from imitators. The fluency of the dialect is in direct correlation to the hand gestures, so they must be used even during conversations that are not face-to-face (such as the so described telephone conversation).

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