Sunday, January 17, 2010

We need more of...


So, we can have more of...


These are only some of Sofia's art supplies. As she was putting them into this Grandpa Larry (a.k.a. Larry Love) box, she remarked that if she didn't have so many art supplies then her art area would not be so messy.

Pause to scratch head. Okay, so does that mean I don't have to buy her any more art supplies? Or, does that mean that she doesn't want to be responsible for putting away the art supplies that she has already?

Pause head scratching as Sofia yells this from next room -- "Hey, Mom. Can I have the bigger box from Grandpa Larry now? I have more stuff to put away."

Pause to scratch head again. I can already see the next question coming at me. It goes something like this... Hey, Mom. I put all my art stuff away. Can we go to Michael's so I can get some stuff for my next art project.

Pause head scratching. Sigh...

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