Friday, January 15, 2010

running in circles...

January is proving to truly be the beginning -- but it won't let me finish anything! Everything I want to do seems to come with a roadblock attached to it. Okay, now that I understand that (I only realized it at this very moment while I was typing venting) I can flow with it. I guess it's a good thing, because I am actively working on a few things that have found their way to my "new" list (a.k.a. the list you see in the background picture) Among these are: Paint the master bathroom (this is entirely "Martha's" fault -- and who made her the boss of colors anyway?), Replace light fixture for the bathroom (this is because the home supply store does not carry the perfect light fixture), Finish painting Nicholas' room (throw blame to the color red for this), Hang new curtains (the curtains shown in the picture for this post "do not speak to him")...

Can you see the lightbulb blinking over my head? These are not "new" things for me -- I am actively finishing projects that have been in limbo.

So, if I stay on track -- I can close the circle for each of the projects I mentioned. Maybe I'll let one of the kids take a picture of me jumping up and down and clapping when this happens!

I was feeling overwhelmed (again) and all I had to do was stop and take a deep breath. Ahh, I feel recharged! Thanks for lending an ear eyeball. :-)

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