Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a belated birthday tribute...

I have been working on this block for 3 days.  The name of it is "Butterfly at the Crossroads" and I wanted to complete it on July 22 as a tribute to my father's birthday.  That did not happen, so here it is...a little late.  This block is the most challenging one that I have done so far.  Because of the triangles, it took quite a bit of focus --  even so -- it was relaxing to work on and also the most fun.

I really didn't go flipping through "the book" looking for a butterfly block.  It is the first block I found while I was looking for a block that has 5 rows.  Why did I need a block with 5 rows?  I received an email from someone who had a question about a comment on had left on someone else's blog.  After I replied, she sent me another email asking how would I use Lori Holt's no template tutorial with a block that has 5 rows.  Since I am new to many of the traditional quilt blocks shown in "the book", I wanted to see if the no template tutorial would work for this block. 

   I looked at the block and decided the two center rectangles and square would be my starting point.  Since my finished block size is 6 inches, the width across the 2 rectangles + 1 square should equal 6 inches.  The finished width across each rectangle equals 2 1/2 inches.  The finished width across the center square equals 1 inch.

   The other rectangles, squares and HSTs fit in around this.  Since the finished width of the center square equals 1 inch, then the finished width for each of the 2 connected vertical rectangles equals 1 inch.  The width of the remaining area on each side of a vertical rectangle equals 2 1/2 inches, so the finished width of each square piece or HST piece equals 1 1/4".

I am very happy with the way this block turned out!  I think my father would have liked it.  Am I learnin'? :-) 


  1. when is Larry's B'day and how old would he have been??


  2. July 22. He would have been 76 years old.


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