Saturday, July 9, 2011

a lovely rainy summer afternoon...

Yesterday, our summer afternoon routine was interrupted by -- well -- you know -- another summer afternoon thunderstorm.  This one began just as we were about to leave and run errands -- so instead -- we stayed.  I kept thinking that it would have been a great day to work on the blocks for "The Farmer's Wife" quilt-along.  Since the book is not in my possession yet, it was a good opportunity to straighten up my sewing space -- and look through my fabric stash -- so I did.  I realized after a bit that I have never really just looked through my fabric stash without actually "looking" for a particular piece of fabric.  Am I that busy? :-)  This was actually a fun thing to do!  Sofia kept me company while she quietly organized her collection of completed polymer clay creations.  My collection of fabric spans quite a few decades -- so I reminisced to Sofia about the history of some of the pieces while I semi-organized them.  Since she was dreamily pre-occupied with her own organizing, every now and then I would get either a glance or a little nodding gesture -- but she really wasn't talking much...  So, I did a little daydreaming of my own while accomplishing about one fourth of the room.   

Just a few more lovely rainy days and I'll be all done!  :-)

Note:  The ironing board setup shown in the photo is a bit inadequate.  It is a small ironing board placed on top of the sewing cabinet that houses my mother's early 1960's Singer sewing machine.  I have tons of memories attached to that sewing machine and cabinet -- so it may not be pretty, but it gives me the warm fuzzies when I do my work there.  


  1. I thought I recognized that sewing machine cabinet too. Didn't your Mom have that in her bedroom, maybe in front of there big window overlooking the driveway or was it on the wall next to the door of Lovey's room?

    My Mom still has her "blond wood" Singer machine & cabinet. Oh, the hours she spent at that machine!


  2. Wow, you have a great memory! Yes, it was always in her bedroom. :-)


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