Friday, July 29, 2011

indecision wastes time...

So, here is my hot off the ironing board block.  It is called Buzzard's Roost.  Both the name, and, the color of the fabrics used in the book seem so dreary to me.  This block contains "flying geese" pieces.  I have never done these, so I wanted to stay true to the sample in the book as far as the colors -- just to make it less confusing while I was learning how to make the "flying geese".  On Wednesday, I cut out my fabric -- and I wasn't happy -- so I set the pieces aside.  Last night, I searched through my fabric bin for a specific piece of fabric to use in the center square -- but I couldn't find it.  Then, this morning, as I was reading Lori Holt's flying geese tutorial -- and wanting a piece of her cute Sew Cherry fabric  -- it struck me that I had some "vintage" cherry fabric in my stash!  So I used that, and this is the result.   

Here is the way the block would have looked if I had remained true to the sample in the book.

The cherries make me happy!  :-)  

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  1. Agreed! The cherries are cheerier that's for sure-ier:)!



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