Saturday, June 11, 2011

happy saturday...

There are a few things that I could post today.  I "spun the wheel" and this is where it stopped.  Enjoy!

Today was viewing day at gymnastics.  Sofia attends a Saturday morning class -- so Rick takes her and then runs his errands.  I have not been there for quite some time -- but, if you have been following my blog you can see that Sofia practices at home -- alot!  Even though I have seen her do this routine at home, somehow, there's nothing like "the sound of  feet hitting the wood balance beam and sticking the landing".

She has a bit of work to do on her uneven bars -- but I think the slow progress here is due to the fact that we don't have this apparatus for her to practice on at home.

This is the flip that she will eventually do on the uneven bars.  For now, she is safer doing this over the pit of styrofoam blocks.

And, of course, what good would gymnastics be if you could not jump as high as possible!

Good job, Sofia! :-)

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  1. I second that! GOOD JOB SOFIA

    Love, Grandma


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