Saturday, June 4, 2011

patience, ma...

Well, Miss Sofia was so thrilled with the outcome of her little project, and she has been asking me to buy more juice pouches so that she can make another one.  I am fine with that.  She also asked me if she could put out a bin in school so that she can collect the used juice pouches from her classmates.  I am not fine with that.

Even so, this is what she brought home yesterday -- her class had a party and she grabbed all the empty juice pouches.  She was so giddy and her eyes were twinkling when she showed them to me -- so how could I not let her have them.  And, you want to hear the best part?  They are drying so neatly -- on the floor in the hallway leading to my bedroom.  What a treat! (not...)

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  1. lol. Sounds good to me! Go Sofia!


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