Monday, June 27, 2011

weekend project...

Here is the last of my day lily plants.  This one is called "little business".  We planted this about this time last year and it was not a repeat bloomer at that time.  It's lovely just the same and adds a bit of color to the pool area.  

Oh, the weekend project is shown towards the back of the photo.  It is the mulch and rock area where Ozzy does his "little business".  Rick has been working on this, because during a heavy rain storm, the water from our neighbor's gutters washes into the area and all the mulch is pushed down onto the patio area.  It looks so nice and neat right now -- hope it works!


  1. All pictures look so pretty. Looks like you have a really great landscaper! Hope Rick's latest project works.

    Hugs to all!



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