Friday, June 24, 2011

some summer crafting...

This week, Miss Sofia is keeping herself extremely busy with her crafts.  While she is making her crafts she is so quiet that you could hear a pin drop...  This is the ONLY time she is quiet.  All of her energy goes into making the craft item as quickly and expertly as possible.  Here she is to explain the details of the woman's wallet that she made from plain old silver/gray duct tape.  In person, it is sleek, modern, functional, and, totally usable.   



As we were doing the video and taking the still photos, she commented on the "improvements" that she would be making.  She "apologized" for the "flaws" that she was pointing out -- and reminded me that this is the first time she had made the woman's wallet.  She has been working on the men's billfold style wallet and other assorted items -- continually improving those as she goes along.  She ran out of her colorful "designer" duct tape -- but she wanted to work on this wallet.  She found this roll of "Daddy's duct tape" in the basement and asked me if she could use have it.  In the absence of color and pattern of her chosen medium, I believe she excelled in the functional aspect of the item.  I am impressed by her dedication to her crafting technique.  Good job, Sofia!  :-) 


  1. Sofia! Grandma is very impressed! Great Job! Keep up the great work.

    Love, grandma


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