Friday, June 17, 2011

more random...

Now, how come I don't remember planting this day lily?  Is it possible they change after blooming the first year?  I am not an expert (yet), so come back and ask me that question in a couple of years...

Today is Sofia's first day of summer vacation.  She had a pizza party yesterday to end the school year.  Today  is Nicholas' last day of school.  He is having three tests to end the school year.  That's no fun!  I'm sure he'll be over it by the time he walks in the door, but, he has to go back next week to take three more tests.  Why?  He missed school yesterday because of a miserable sore throat.  We went to the doctor.  He "prescribed" Chloraseptic throat spray.  Anyone ever use this stuff?   I know someone who did -- way back when...  I bought the "cherry" flavor.  What's up with that?  It is red and smells/tastes the same as the original -- like fluid you would put in your car engine  -- ICK!  Nicholas --aka Mr. Gag Reflex -- says he can't taste it -- so he is using it -- and feeling better.

Summer vacation -- I am sooo ready for you!  :-)


  1. Glad to hear Nick is feeling better & hope Sofia has lots of stuff to occupy her this summer. I'm sure she has it all planned out.

    I love all your lillies. You did a fantastic job with your gardens.

    Hugs to all



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