Wednesday, February 11, 2009

february thoughts...

Today is a perfect example of why February is my least favorite month ~~ because it lies! This morning I was as dreary as the day started out -- and this afternoon the weather is partly sunny and 65 degrees. I just came in from walking around the yard -- planning spring projects. All the windows in the house are open -- airing out some of the winter. After today, they will be closed again for more than a few weeks. The house has been vacuumed. The beds are airing out and waiting for clean sheets. We are having steak on the barbeque for dinner. What could be better on a winter day? Many of the neighbors are strolling up and down the bike path with their toddlers in tow -- jackets off. A motorcyclist just passed by -- I haven't seen many of those around here.

In the garden ~ some leftover garland from Christmas and daffodil sprouts too.

Today is Wednesday ~~ so I'm off to be "sign out Mom" at the school. The dog takes the ride to the school with me ~~ he'll be very happy to have the car windows open with the breeze blowing in his face.

Ahhhh! Smells like springtime in the air!

The garden hose shows the layout for a new walking path ~ one of our many springtime projects.

February, I do not like you at all -- but I will enjoy what you have given me today anyway! Hope your day is as beautiful as the weather!

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