Saturday, February 28, 2009

lesson in working with a difficult client...

I didn't do a post yesterday because I was too busy with the birthday girl's outfit. So even though she was "way too tired", she (not so graciously) tried the skirt on after school for me. I was really almost done because all I needed to do was measure the elastic for the waistband. Well, Sofia is a lesson in physics when it comes to anything having to do with what I need her to do -- for instance "stand still while I adjust the waistband", to her, means, wiggle as hard as you can so that the skirt falls down to your knees -- get the idea? Sigh... So, with this particular skirt, the simple elastic waistband is not going to work. Okay, so how about a drawstring in addition to the elastic -- nope, not going to work here since the "party girl" will be wearing this to school and I will not be happy when she comes home and tells me the drawstring is wet from her trip to the bathroom during school. What to do...sigh... again. By now, the skirt is off of her and she is busy screaming at her brother for playing the Wii game that she was playing when I called her for the fitting. Sigh...again...pounding head. Done with yesterday...

...on to today! I must have dreamt about this all night -- because when I woke up this morning it was very clear to me that I should simply attach the undershirt I had planned for her to wear under the cupcake t-shirt. (side note: we are into the almost 8 year old "modest" phase) I explained this stroke of genius to my client and she liked the concept, but, not the fact that she would not be able to ever again wear her existing undershirt on its own. So -- after doing some prep work while waiting for hubby to come back from the vet with the dog -- I am off to the store (by myself) to purchase some new undershirts -- and possibly to treat myself to some air-popped popcorn and listen to this.

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