Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's the plan for today?

What organizes your day? Do you start out with a new plan, or, do you just continue the plan from the previous day? Does the phrase "What's the plan for today?" make you dizzy, or, send you running scared? Do you suffer from too much routine, and, not enough new plan?

Each day there is a new plan for me. When I first wake up in the morning, there is no plan. There is definitely a routine, but the plan is blank.

Here is my routine: Wake up at 6:15 a.m. ~~ this time is getting closer and closer to sunrise. I actually prefer waking up before the sun ~~ I feel like I'm ahead of things. Wake up one sleeping child. Hubby, son, and dog are already awake. Walk through dark bedroom into dark bathroom ~~ hopefully without stepping on cat(s) who are running into bedroom for morning greeting ritual. Close bathroom door. Open eyes and focus. Flip up lightswitch ~~ this step is the only one that varies according to my mood. Follow remainder of morning bathroom ritual.

Okay, you get the idea. Pretty mundane -- yet, if for some reason my routine is altered, there is no foundation for the new plan. The day is not grounded in this situation ~~ not always a bad thing ~~ but not healthy in excess -- kind of like eating junk food.

Today, the morning routine was followed successfully (with lights turned on) so, the new plan includes putting a second coat of paint on the inside of the front door. The color is Martha Stewart Lemon Chiffon in a semi-gloss. There is only a slight difference between the lemon chiffon color and the builder's glossy white color -- but for whatever reason it makes me happy -- so the time taken to paint is time well spent -- and time well spent should always be part of the plan!

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