Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today is the 100th day of school. It is a blustery day -- but not in a Winnie the Pooh way at all. The sky here has been phenomenal since sunrise...


sunrise light on the rooftops
~ and the porch flag struggling against the wind

glorious mid morning sky

A good day to go fly a kite -- if I could only remember where I put the one we bought awhile back...

I am disappointed that the sunrise pictures of the conservation area were not good -- the camera must have had the wrong setting -- this was before my coffee kicked in. I am hoping that sunset will be spectacular.

What's this?
~ An old Christmas tree blew its way into the yard! I dragged it out to the curb and it was immediately taken by the wind again to continue its journey down the street and back into the conservation area. This is a major annoyance to me when people are lazy and just "drop off" this type of garbarge into the conservation area.

Orange glow of the sunset light on the treetops
~ a pretty end to a pretty, blustery day!

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