Monday, February 9, 2009

Today is my Nona's birthday ~ February 9, 1882.

I will never know the happenings of that day. No one has ever told me who was there to help, what the weather was like, if there was a celebration of her birth.

Today, 127 years later, I am thinking of her.

Today, the weather hints of spring. The pregnant robins have been swooping by my window since sunrise...and eating winter remains of the fruit from the crabapple tree. I have painted my closet doors in a color that reminds me of the house she lived in when I was a child. The mingled scents of lemon dishsoap and fresh brewed coffee softly comfort me with thoughts of the tiny cottage that she called home.

These are lovely thoughts I have of a woman I hardly knew but helped shape who I am.

Oh, the iron and fabric in the picture depict a dream I had many years ago, that, in some strange, way connects me to this woman.

So, 127 years after the day of your birth, my Nona ~~ Happy Birthday to you!

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